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I did it, in the end. I created this blog. I silenced that part of me saying that it would be better to wait, to study still a bit how to do it. If you are thinking that there was no need you are right. I need it more than you do, at least for the moment. I need it because I decided to learn how to draw and I want to keep track of my progress and what I learn. I need it because I like to write, and to write decently you have to exercise so much.

I need it because creating a blog means to take a commitment and this helps not to give up.
I need it to improve my English, although at the beginning the translations of my posts will be embarrassing.
And I need it because an internet navigator, sooner or later, will wreck it here to  explain me why my drawings are not better than they are.
If you’re interested in learning to draw, which means learning to learn, if you like football, if you like cinema , if you like reading, I hope this blog will also serve you.
So, while you’re at it, follow me on social networks, for now only Pinterest and Twitter.
That’s all for today, but that’s just the beginning!

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