Being Giuseppe Mascara

Being Giuseppe Mascara

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Giuseppe Mascara is an Italian former football player, Wikipedia would say. I know him well because he played for a long time with Calcio Catania, my favourite football team. Just so, I’m a Calcio Catania supporter, what’s so strange? I fell in love with the Club in the 1984 and I never had any interest for any other team. I have already had a difficult childhood for this, so not you too, please. And put that eyebrow down…

Anyway, Giuseppe Mascara is an Italian former football player who I know very well because he achieved his best results in career during his years in Catania. If you remember him, it’s probably due to this outstanding goal.

A goal scored in Palermo, with a midfield shot, in a derby won 4-0…Is there anything else to add? I do not think so, because if you did a such great performance, forcing part of the opposition supporters to applaud you, make a lot of people happy and you earn a place of honor in the history of football, at least in the history of football which I’m interested on. Of course, if you score the penalty of overtaking the Mourinho’s Inter F.C., in its triplete season, and you do it with the tap below, you consolidate that place, but it is not the same thing.
Mascara did it, too, anyway. After these epic successes it was easy for me to forgive all those goals that Mascara scored agaist Catania before coming to play with us, for example with Avellino and Salernitana.
To get an idea of ​​what I’m talking about, enjoy this video that collects some of the most impressive Mascara goals:


Maxi Lopez said about Mascara:

“During my career I played with so many champions among River Plate, Gremio, Barcelona, ​​Milan.
Phenomena like Ortega, Cambiasso, Aimar, Messi, Rivaldo, Xavi, Iniesta, Ibra … people who with the ball, trust me, did what he wanted.
But I still did not know one that, in my opinion, technically, was a real phenomenon.
Peppe Mascara was really unique.
Concerning the dribbling skills and the ball touch he did not have to envy anything to anyone.
In Catania, sometimes were playing kid’s games: for example, we were betting on who was able to hit more often the crossbar in ten shots from the midfield.
We were gambling everything … oranges, sweets, fish dinners…
Well, I always lost, I did not win it once.
I remember that one afternoon after the training he made 9 hits in 10 shots and his last shot went out by a nose. Impressive.
I think Peppe deserved for sure a superior career. But he did not care. He really loved this sport and then it was one that always made you laugh, even in difficult times …with that face, how did you not laugh!?”

I definitely agree with Maxi: I think that Mascara should have to play in Serie A early and for longer. I cannot explain why this did not happen. But he lived great times in Catania. For example, he has been for some time the top scorer in Serie A Catania history, before being overtaken by Gonzalo Bergessio. And then it was the first, and to date, December 2017, the only player in Catania to have played with the National team. It happened in the friendly match Italy-Northern Ireland 3-0, played in Pisa on June 6th, 2009. That when coach Marcello Lippi called Marco Biagianti, but he did not let him to play.

So, I suppose you will be not surprised to read that drawing Giuseppe Mascara has a relaxing effect on me. I remember him as one of the best player of the team who returned to A in 2005-’06, after 23 seasons of any kind of troubles, and also in the following years. Since then it has that cute cartoon face, I do not have to think too much about what features to exaggerate or how to grasp likeness. I have just to try drawing him as he is.
We who love him, invented several nicknames: Playstation, Topolinik and my favourite: Mascarinho. Yes, because I think it is the most “brazilian” among the Italian players that I have been seen to play at the feet of the mounth Etna. And who knows, maybe because he is not a Brazilian passport, he had not so much luck in the Serie A championship.

Well, I began to write with the intent to show you how I drawn Mascara, and I ended just writing about him, so I will present you the drawing process I followed in one of the next posts.
If you are looking for inspiration, I can give you a humble recomandation before you go: when you want to practice and you feel not inspired, just draw someone or something that make you thinking about pleasant moments. Your mood affects the quality of your drawings much more than you image.

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