Drawing in class


Rachel Smith talk at TED conference

I’m a fan of the TED conferences because they are a source of many interesting ideas. For example, in this talk Rachel Smith explains how to make notes in a visual way, a method that seems to facilitate attention and therefore learning:

This presentation is not about drawing or learning how to draw but, in my opinion, taking visual notes is a way spend every single day exercising your hand to draw and your mind to see.
I expecially like the part where Rachel explains how to draw a little man, something that many people thing to be impossible to do.
I also found interesting the reading suggestion: “The Sketchnote Workbook” by Mike Rohde. A tip I did not follow because I think the book is too expensive (about 27 $ at Amazon, today 12th Febraury 2018) and I’m afraid I do not find much more than it is available online, although it’s definitely a nice object.


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