Caricaturing “la pulga”

Lionel Messi caricature by BAnt

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I thought that if I want to make myself known (and I still do not know if I want) as one that draws footballer players, I will have to draw also famouse players, not only the ones that I love because they play (or played) with Calcio Catania. So I also thought that drawing a cartoon-style portrait of Lionel Messi was a good idea, because many people think that “The pulga” (the flea), as Messi is nicknamed, is the best football player in the world and many others think that he is the second strongest player in the world, after Cristiano Ronaldo.

I’m not going to get into this religious war, at least until one of the two does not land in Catania (!), I just chose Messi because I like him more than Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe my preference depends on the fact tha he suffered from a hormonal insufficiency that did not make it grow and, despite this unfortunate circumstance, he had a successfull life. However I cannot omit to remember the “Panama papers” case, proofing that he is not a spotless hero.

Lionel Messi caricature by BAnt

How I did it

Going to the artistic aspect, for this caricature I spent a lot of time, much more than I thought. I did a lot of trouble, maybe because I thought it was easy to draw Lionel Messi. Perhaps his recent change of look confused me. To make it short I had to do a lot of sketches before deceiving myself that I had grasped the resemblance, then after the transition to digital I realized that it was better to redo the face, exactly like happened when I drawn Orazio Arancio. When I extracted the lineart I messed up with Photoshop layers and I ended up drawing the hair shades on the lineart rather than the shadows. After digitization I also decided to change eyebrows (I did it directly in digital). As usual, I spent a lot of time for coloring and shadows. I admit that also the background is not perfect: I wanted to give more prominence to the figure, but I didn’t!

In short, I first go directly to the animated gif that tells the history of this drawing.

Lionel Messy animated GIF

I don’t know if this is a good caricature of Lionel Messi, but I know that drawing it I learned a lot, once again.

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