My cousin Vinnie

My Cousin Vinnie poster by BAnt

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When I was a high school student I liked a lot going to the cinema with my friends and I never argued about the choice of the film in order to avoid the risk of losing some good story. This approach forced me to see many crap, but I also had some nice surprise, like the comedy My Cousin Vinnie (1992). Thanks to the “Sicilian-style” dubbing by Leo Gullotta, the character of the protagonist impersonated by Joe Pesci. The lovely Marisa Tomei (that won the Oscar as best supporting actress for this role) and Ralph Macchio‘s good-looking face did the rest, together with a well balanced screenplay. Well, are you really expecting me to tell you the plot, which you can find everywhere? I don’t think so, Google is there for this kind of stuff! I want to provide you a step-by-step description of the drawing creation. you how I represented these funny characters. I do not know if my efforts, which were huge, I assure you, have borne fruit, certainly the exercise has come in handy to make a (very little) ahead on the road to learning.

When I draw footbal players’ portraits my goal is to be quite realistic, while in case of actors I look for a “minimalist” style. In the case of “The secret of their eyes poster, I succeed, whilst in this example I simply avoid to add color and I used graylevels only.

The three caricature were a more difficult challenge than I expected. I thought that Ralph Macchio would be simple because he has a familiar face, but maybe it is true for his “Karate Kid version”, in fact I struggled a lot to achieve something that would convince me. In the end I chose to stretch his face and I used Photoshop to copy and horizontally mirroring one of the two eyes to get the right expression balance, whilst I followed the procedure described in the tutorial about the lineart extraction process to switch to digital.When I experimented with the face of Joe Pesci I decided almost immediately that the right exaggeration was to make the shape of the face as square as possible and rough enough. Also in this case I had many difficulties with eyes and eyebrows and I had to copy and paste of a half and then flip it by software to get a symmetrical face. As I have already told, however, the main news was that I decided to inking the pencil with the nibs and ink. If it sound crazy is because it is crazy, considering that I used this method just a couple of excercises. The main reason, besides the unconsciousness, was that the Winsor Newton ink is very good and resists to the rubber, while with the markers I usually use I often have to do a second pass after erasing the pencil, otherwise the extraction of the pencil lineart via software becomes more complex. Probably this is not my most successful portrait, but I’ve decided that “done is better than perfect” principle.For Marisa Tomei, apart from the awe of representing a beautiful woman in a caricatural way, which involves the fear of a “drag queen effect”  which the great caricaturist Tom Richmond talks about, I did not have too many problems: I did the job fairly quickly, I think with good results. I have not given up the help of the software to fix the face, but my corrections are always very invasive and do not affect the creativity of the work.

Putting the three faces together in one of the movie’s posters was the easiest part. For football reasons I hate the black and white, but I can not deny its elegance and I think that overall the final work is not bad.

My Cousin Vinnie poster by BAnt

But it is not me giving judgments. Tell me yours!

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