My best readings of the month (January 2019)

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Find here some interesting reading I found in the internet on January 2019. They accidentally concerns two main topics: family and art.


“Family tips”

“The Best Things I’ve Learned About Raising Children” by Leo Babatula

The author share 18 of the most important lessons he learned rainsing his (many) children. No magic formulas, but intelligent suggestions useful for anyone.


“App di Parental Control: come e perché utilizzarle con gli adolescenti”,

“Parental Control apps: how and why to use them with teenagers” by Valentina Santandrea (in Italian only)

Sometimes we forget how the Internet can be dangerous for young people. Here you can find some tool for manage the net access.



“Cosa raccontano i colori dei dipinti?” ,What do the colors of the paintings tell? by Emanuela Pulvirenti (in Italian only)

What a nice idea to extract the palette from the paintings to understand the choices of the painters. Just one of the wonderful lessons invented by Professor Emanuela Pulvirenti. A great example of how to exploit a blog for educational purposes.


“Stephen King, the desk” by Gavin Aung Than

A story of resilience told in comics starting with quotes. An excellent idea, not only for this episode dedicated to Stephen King.


Drawing beginners course by “Love Life Drawing”

Nice resources for getting started (but also improve your skills) in drawing and painting. For example, a nice beginners course with written posts and video tutorials. Find here also podcast and insights


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