Meet Orazio Arancio (i.e. how to draw a rugby player)

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As I came from Catania, I’m a bit “provincial”, inthe sense that I have a “small-town” mentality, (even if Catania is not so small), so I love to celebrate my fellow citizens who succeded in their activity. An example is Orazio Arancio, nicknamed “bimbo” (i.e. “baby”), who made the history of rugby playing in Amatori Catania for a decade and then taking the San Gregorio from nothing to the Super 10 (the maximum italian league), not before winning the title of Italian Champion with Treviso and traveling in Italy and abroad, then becoming a coach and eventually manager of the Italian Rugby Federation.

I don’t know why, but I remember him especially for a try with the National team that made him the first European to score against South Africa, also because Italy was the first selection to host the Springboks after the end of apartheid and the subsequent resumption of the International test matches. It was a match played in Rome on November 12, 1995  in which Italy made a great performance, considering the value of the opponent (who win 40-21).
Well, you can find more details about Orazio Arancio career and biography on Wikipedia, while an interview to “La Gazzetta dello sport” reveals why he is nicknamed “bimbo”.

I just want to show you the caricature portrait that I did one day that I wanted to train myself on a subject that required an aggressive pose and a gritty expression to the limits of evil.
You may like it or not, I like it (!) and, above all, I liked to draw it, even it was a hard work.

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